Bringing The Power Source of the Stars Down to Earth

1996-2000 Editions of the CPEP Fusion Chart

English plus Dutch (Flemish), French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (European)

Created by the Fusion Group of the Contemporary Physics Education Project.

We grant permission for teachers and students to print these copyrighted images of the Fusion Chart (in any of the 7 languages) for their personal or classroom use. For other uses, please contact the CPEP Vice-President for Fusion to obtain the necessary copyright permissions (and higher-quality images).

Some of the images are in PDF format. To view these you may need to download and install the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Images Copyright 1996-2000 by CPEP. Please do not redistribute without permission.

Complete Fusion Chart Images - Front Side:

Language Small JPEG Large JPEG Full Size PDF File
English (2000 ed.) n/a n/a (268 KB)
English (1996 ed.) (56 KB) (204 KB) (1.2 MB)
Flemish (Dutch) n/a n/a (248 KB)
French (36 KB) (124 KB) (248 KB)
German n/a n/a (248 KB)
Italian n/a n/a (248 KB)
Portuguese n/a n/a (248 KB)
Spanish (European) n/a n/a (248 KB)

Chart Images - Back Side:

Language Full Size PDF File
English (2000 ed.) (12 KB)
English (1996 ed.) (12 KB)
Flemish (Dutch) (12 KB)
French (12 KB)
German (13 KB)
Italian (13 KB)
Portuguese (12 KB)
Spanish (European) (12 KB)

Over 60,000 copies of the CPEP Fusion Chart have been distributed in the real world. The chart is available in three sizes:

Style Size (Metric) Size (Inches)
Classroom Wallchart 104 by 150 cm 41" by 59"
Poster 53 by 75 cm 20" by 30"
Notebook or Placemat 28 by 41 cm 11" by 16"

The English-language Notebook and Poster sizes are also available in durable, laminated form.

English-language Fusion Charts are available for sale from Science Kit. Charts in the other languages may sometimes be obtained through special arrangements with CPEP's Fusion Vice President.

For more information, contact the CPEP Vice President for Fusion.

CPEP grants permission for teachers and students to reproduce these copyrighted images and materials for their personal or classroom use, provided is cited as the source. For other CPEP copyright permissions, email

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